Purchase Apollo Gobos!

How to Order an Apollo Gobo!


  1. Fixture Model: We need to know the fixture model you are using or the Gobo size. An example of Gobo sizes are A, B, or C, but if you are unsure, simply telling us what fixture you will be using it with will be enough for us to assess the size needed.
  2. Art Work: If ordering a custom Gobo, be sure to send us artwork as a pdf, high definition jpg, photoshop file, or ai. The artwork will need to be submitted 100% the size of pattern.
  3. Type of Gobo: Metal, Plastic, Glass- If it is complicated artwork, you will be wanting to go with SuperResolution black and white glass Gobos.
  4. Gobo Product ID: If ordering an existing Gobo pattern, you will need to include product ID. A full catalog of over 3,400 Gobos can be found on Apollo Designs website
  5. How Many Gobos You Need
  6. And Need By Date


MetalSuperResolution1-Color, 2-Color and ColourScenicPrintScenic PlasticPrintScenic Glass3
Material8 mil Stainless Steel1.1 mm Thick Borosilicate Glass1.1 mm Thick Borosilicate GlassTransparent Plastic Substrate1.1 mm Thick Borosilicate Glas
Color Black & White– Black & White- Grayscale– Color- Color Gradients– Color- Color Gradients- Black & White- Grayscale– Color- Color Gradients- Black & White- Grayscale
Image/ProcessVector/Laser-cutPhoto/Laser-etchedPhoto/Laser-etchedVector or Photo/PrintedVector or Photo/Printed
FixtureIncandescent/LEDIncandescent/LEDIncandescent/LEDView List!View List!
BezelNot IncludedIncluded if requiredIncludedNot IncludedIncluded if required

Why Apollo?

Apollo mixes great design work, with efficiency, for getting custom Gobos made and shipped fast! Apollo Gobos are of superior build quality, for example their metal Gobos are made from a high quality 8 mil steel, with higher levels of nickel and chromium than industry standards, to avoid oxidization.

Why Order Through Springtree LED?

We have sold thousands of custom Apollo Gobos! Springtree LED is all about simplicity. You can easily browse through the Apollo catalog to find the model you want, and then email and call us to order. When you call, there is never any pressure to buy, and we almost always offer the lowest personalized price! 

*Listed as Springtree Media Group when searching Apollo Dealers on their site!

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