Sennheiser XS Wireless System! Is it any good?

We all want to go cordless. We all want our gear just to work. We want an easy setup that gives us the tools to dive into the work we love or at least make soundcheck be at the time it was supposed to be for once.

Sennheiser made quite the buzz when they announced their XS Wireless Digital System. Here are our biggest takeaways from demoing it.

  • Much larger range! 250 feet compared to a standard 150 by similar products.
  • High Fidelity! It actually made our guitarist sound better than his guitar chord.
  • Compact Body Pack! This is my personal favorite feature! A belt clip combines with the transmitter to make an ultra small and lightweight bodypack that you will forget you are wearing. It will be the smallest bodypack you have ever worn!
  • Instant Sync! There is no need to set frequencies. Everything is done automatically over a 2.4 GHz connection.
  • One Button! It was simpler than we expected. It features just one button that you press to power up and link simultaneously. Click once to mute and hold to power down.

It is also important to note that they feature a 5-hour battery life. So are they any good? Our answer would be that they are great! Sennheiser created a new digital wireless system which is the easiest way to have a wireless microphone! We would recommend them as the way to go for short gigs, video interviewing with a DSLR, and small rentals!

Lets Talk Price

They are list priced at $229-$449, though of course you always can inquire on the product page on to receive a personalized price.

Different Configurations

DSLR Audio Setups:

List Price Uses Included Microphone
Portable Interview Set $299.99For use with handheld microphoneNone
Portable Lavalier Set $349.95For use with lavalier or over-earLavalier Microphone
Portable Eng Set $449.95For use with lavalier microphone, and includes transmitter for handheld Lavalier Microphone

Live Sound Setups:

List Price Uses Included Microphone
Instrument Base Set $299.99Direct Instrument Plugin via 1/4” transmitterNone
Lavalier Set $349.95For use with lavalier microphoneLavalier Microphone
Vocal Set $349.95For use with handheld microphonesHandheld Microphone

Thanks for Reading!

Written by Brandon Vaque.

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