Biggest Mistakes Churches Make Live Streaming!

As Told by Church Techs:

  • POOR LIGHTING We did not realize how bad our lighting would appear on video. What was completely passable in person, looked terrible online. Lighting is the most important aspect of video. 
  • NO SENSE OF WHY We’ve found out that many people have no clear sense of purpose of why they even want to live-stream, and this leads to mediocrity. Are you live streaming because that is what large ministries do? Is it the way to become the next Andy Stanley or somehow make a huge difference. If so, you are going to need incredible production quality. Skeptics and visitors need clear communication and that’s not cheap. Or, is it a way to connect deeper with your existing church body? Is it for the nursing mom and the out-of-towners on vacation? If so, those already deeply involved with your ministry will be much more forgiving of production values. It will simply be another connection point. There will be a different “why” for everybody, and it is up to you to clearly define your goals. 
  • SHAKY FOOTAGE When we started, our footage was too shaky and there was no focus! We ended up needing a  more heavy duty tripod and three cameras to keep focus. We used a wider shot for transitioning, especially since our preacher moves a lot. We found that clearly showing the face was a must and that nothing communicates as much as facial expressions! 

Thanks for Reading! And a special thanks to the techs who contributed their opinions. 

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