Water For Women!

Imagine having to spend hours each day collecting water for your family and having that water not even be clean! Women and girls tend to be the ones fetching water for their families. This means that the water crisis disproportionately affects women and girls. It is estimated that females spend a collective 200 million hours a year fetching water.

Jasmine’s Story from Living Water International on Vimeo.

Its always both wonderful and painful to put a face to the numbers behind a crisis. In this case Jasmine; Jasmine is a 24-year-old mother in India. She had to share water with the animals who bathed in it and had to see this water constantly make her kids sick. It’s beautiful to see how Living Water International changes communities by providing clean water sources! Without the burden of hours wasted collecting dirty water, women like Jasmine will have the freedom to pursue their education, start their own businesses, and lead change in their homes and communities.

There are thousands of great causes, but Living Water International is the organization we choose to give to. Part of every sale gets donated to help those without clean drinking water.

Thanks for reading! And a special thanks to Living Water International!

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