AV integrators usually aren’t DMX experts.

They are experts at programming Crestron or Control 4, and its crazy how they are able to integrate so much that is seemingly incompatible. DMX is the light control protocol that any lighting expert has down pat. Yet, as an expert in your field why should you also have to learn DMX?

There are lot of solutions on the market, but the SM-8IF is the simplest. It gives you RS-232 to DMX without complicated programming. Its all about keeping things simple. It allows you to control DMX through external sources, so you can control all 8 scenes from a Universal Remote or another smart system. Once programmed, the SM-8IF can run independently, and can change scenes directly at the push of a button. It is also expandable to 3 slave stations for additional points of control. Add in contact closure control, and you got a product that is only limited by your creativity!


You can program almost anything to trigger one of the SM-8IF’s 8 scenes. For instance, you have a door sensor hooked up to a contact closure, opening it would trigger scene one. Hook up a contact closure to a motion sensor, and you a walk down a hallway could trigger sense two!

We use an SM-8IF right here in our office. Our standard office lighting is controlled by the smart system, Control 4. So at the end of the day, we push one button, and our office lights turn off. Well, we also utilize DMX lighting in our office and in our studio for filming product videos. Using an SM-8IF Wall Station, we have integrated our DMX fixtures into our Control 4 for easy everyday control. 


  • Simple to program 
  • Self-contained preset station with 8 scene capacity 
  • RS232 control 
  • 8 scene contact closure 
  • Built-in fade time presets 
  • Up to 3 slave units can be connected 
  • DMX-512 output 
  • DMX input snapshot 

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