QuickQ is ChamSys’ powerful lighting console designed to be intuitive!

It’s called QuickQ because it’s quick to set up exciting lighting shows which includes patching fixtures! Adding new fixtures to some consoles is so hard that it makes you want to pull your hair out(that’s why Peter is bald in the picture above)! We’ve been there, spending hours patching new fixtures into other manufacturers’ high-end consoles. 


  • QuickQ labels everything in simple to understand terms. There is no technical jargon to get lost in!
  • Over 25,000 personalities in their profile library!
  • When selecting fixtures, fixtures you have used before pop up first.
  • When searching fixtures, brands you use often will appear on the top of the long list of possible manufacturers.
  • The QuickQ will give you the option, but will automatically let you patch your next fixture at the next available DMX channel.
  • The ChamSys library has hundreds of generic fixture profiles, so that you can find one that matches your fixture. 


If you contact ChamSys, they will get you a fixture profile within 24 hours. ChamSys has team members whose entire job is just to create fixture profiles for clients! The Saturday before Easter, a church we work with was able to call and get a fixture profile made in way under that 24 hours. That is incredible service and part of what makes the QuickQ the best console at the basic level!

Click below for a video demonstration:

If you have any questions on patching a fixture on a ChamSys, please reach out via email. 

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