Convection Cooling For LED House Lights!

Convection Cooling

Convection cooling sounds nice and we mean that literally. When a fixture is convection cooled, there is no need for an added fan, which means silent fixtures.

Then why didn’t we go that direction when designing our Spatial Pendants? While good on the ears, convection cooling is bad on the eyes. It leaves a grill like structure that looks like a pool filter as we heard it put recently. Not only does it look ugly, but it’s expensive. Most LED house lighting solutions will cost you upwards of $1,100 each! That’s not what we are about here at Springtree LED. We are about finding that sweet spot: better products at a lower price.


So, we created a double fan system that moves air efficiently down and across our fixtures while being extremely quiet. This allows us to avoid a convection grill-like structure while not compromising on performance. The Springtree LED Spatial Pendant is simple and beautifully elegant. It isn’t a hope-they-don’t-look-up fixture, but one that truly looks great in a wide range of venue applications from theaters to churches to commercial spaces. By utilizing an outer PVC shell, it allows the hiding of cable ends for a much cleaner installed look. The Springtree LED Spatial Pendant works with the Springtree Wireless System for install-quality wireless DMX to avoid running DMX cables. 

We offer a demo program for our Spatial Pendants, so you can try them in your venue to see if they are a perfect fit.  

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