Blackmagic Design’s New Pocket Cinema 6K!

We love DSLR cameras for the versatility, affordability, and powerful functionality, but not for their cinematic look. Blackmagic Design has become famous for their price shattering cameras that allow for what they describe as the “Hollywood Look.”

What Does a Hollywood Look Mean?

Creating a Hollywood Look means the Pocket Cinema Camera has a high dynamic range (or HDR)! HDR is simply being able to capture both light and dark footage really well at the same time. Both the 4K & 6K Pocket Cinema Cameras have an incredible 13 stops of dynamic range, which means they produce a lot of data you can use in postproduction for full exposure adjustment and recovery controls when color grading! It allows you the freedom to set exposure in outdoor scenes without washing out the background details (as seen in the photo above).

Both Pocket Cinema Cameras feature Generation 4 Color Science for accurate skin tones, and reliable color reproduction in every shot! This means you will get a cinematic realness when filming closeups. It captures enormous amounts of color data in your footage’s highlights and shadows for higher quality imaging. Footage will appear flat at first because of the data, but it gives you the room to do incredible things in postproduction. Each purchase of the camera includes the full version of DaVinci Resolve if that is your editing tool of choice.

What Does It Cost?

Pocket Cinema Camera 6K MAP: $2,495.00  Click Here For Your Price!

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