Why You Don’t Need A Video Ministry!

Setting the Stage

Franklin, 2008

A talented band came on stage and played contemporary Hillsong style worship, while high paced moving lights created an atmosphere of excitement. Afterwards, a charismatic, young pastor came on stage and delivered the welcome. When he was done, a giant screen descended and the projection system came to life. Andy Stanely then came on the screen and delivered an incredibly moving sermon. This was a satellite church part of the Atlanta based NorthPoint Ministries, one of the largest churches in the country with an extremely popular online and satellite church video ministry.

Churches like North Point have popularized video ministries, but do you need one?


Every ministry is different, and only you can make that decision. We just advise wisdom.

Here are few reasons not to stream your service

  • Most people don’t watch anything at a specified time. We watch Hulu and Netflix when it is convenient for us.
  • It can be expensive and require consistent skilled volunteers.
  • It may give people an alternative to actually come to service.

Creating a professional quality video requires professional equipment and a committed and skilled team. This requires a significant financial investment, for instance you will need a second mixer and skilled engineer to make the worship segment sound right. So there are some important factors to consider.


Promote Togetherness, While Keeping Things Simple 

True connectivity is something our technology driven world is losing more and more of. The irony of social media is that it is a great tool for communication, but poor for truly connecting people. This an area the local church can truly thrive in. So we encourage you to use technology to encourage hearts, not to put another voice on people’s screens.

Being able to listen to audio messages throughout the week can be a great encouragement to your members, especially if they were out of town for service. Likewise, simple video recordings of sermons can be great for creating that sense of connection. Create a church YouTube channel and post them for your members. They will be forgiving of the quality as long as the can see and hear what the congregation is experiencing.

Contact Us

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have without any pressure to buy. We promise to be good stewards of your church’s resources. We have installed and trained many video systems. Wether you are wanting simple audio recordings or are still convinced you need a professional system, we will be here to help keep things simple.

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