Fresnels For Retrofitting

Replacing Fresnels

So you spent a small fortune on your dimming system, but now want to transition to LED lighting. So how do you best make that transition without scrapping your still working dimmer and console? An option is to slowly transition to hybrid fixtures. When we hear hybrid fixtures, we think of fixtures that can seamlessly transition from beam, to spot, to wash, but in this case, it refers to two fixtures that can seamlessly transition from fixed power to a dimming system, all while bringing with them the benefits of high quality LED technology.

Chauvet Professional has invented something very cool, two Fresnels that utilize data and power sensing technology to make the automatic switch from a dimmer system one day to a fixed power source the next. When used with a fixed power source, they can be DMX controlled via 3 or 5-pin DMX, giving you flexibility even in your choice of DMX cable! 

The perfect replacement for your aging incandescent fresnels! They are top-notch professional fixtures that deliver a soft-edged wash that is easy to blend with multiples. They produce a rich warm white that leaves performers looking natural. Expect a long life of high-quality performance out of these fixtures, so that when you do want to make the switch off a dimmer, these fixtures can go along for the transition. They feature high accuracy of color reproduction and near silent operation. 


ManufacturerChauvet ProfessionalChauvet Professional
Color Temperature at full3,197K Warm White3069 K Warm White
Zoom Range25°-76°20°-72°
ZoomManualMotorized with DMX, manual with dimmer
Watts80 Watts230 Watts
DMX Dimming16-bit dimming resolution for smooth fades16-bit dimming resolution for smooth fades
Stobe rate0 to25 Hz0 to18 Hz
Dim Curves44

They can be purchased on our sister site where you can inquire for a personalized price. Purchase the FD-205WW here. Purchase the FD-105WW here.

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