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Learning Curve for Lighting Consoles

Lighting consoles are notoriously complicated to learn for non professionals, though they expedite the process of design and running shows once you learn their workflow. ChamSys’ MagicQ software (which is used on all their current consoles) is intuitive, and relatively simple to learn compared to other consoles, but still a bit much for many.

ChamSys has changed our perspective on compact consoles; our rental department uses the MQ40N. Beforehand, we would use computer based lighting software for most jobs, but the intuitive nature of MagicQ software, that can emulate other popular consoles and is the same across their entire line, has won us over. We are excited for them to change our perspective on small consoles too, with their new line!


The QuickQ series was designed to be quick to learn, quick to program, and quick to see quality. Designed to be intuitive enough for everyday use for non lighting designers who want to create and run a beautiful light show. It would still be a great option for a professional running a smaller show. This is the perfect choice for churches and schools that are volunteer heavy!

Built-in Wifi allows them to connect to a tablet or phone as an external monitor. Its interface is designed to lead you step by step through the setup, programming, and operation of the console. The console has free downloadable offline programming software available for Mac and Windows that includes the fully rendered MagicVis visualizer. You can program your show on your computer, pop it onto a flash drive and load it onto the QuickQ console.

TQuickQ 10QuickQ 20 QuickQ 30
Fixture Faders202040
Touch Screen9.7”9.7”9.7”
DMX 5-Pin Outputs 123
Master Faders 2 chase, 1 cue stack10 Multiple Function Playbacks10 Multiple Function Playbacks
Supports MoversLEDs & DimmersLEDs, Dimmers & Moving LightsLEDs, Dimmers & Moving Lights
Audio In & Out YesYesYes
External Monitor1920 x 1080 HDMI1920 x 1080 HDMI1920 x 1080 HDMI

*Specs may change between now and the products release later this year

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