Elation Buys M-Series from Martin!

There has been a lot of shuffling of lighting controller companies lately. Elation used to distribute the smaller end of Hog series for High End Systems until ETC purchased High End Systems. ETC had purchased High End Systems to compensate for their own lighting line’s weakness when it came to intelligent lighting. Then Chauvet purchased ChamSys to really establish its professional line with an established, and loved lighting controller line. Elation Professional followed suit and purchased the established M-Series from Martin lighting, as Martin fully divests itself from the lighting controller market.

All this to say that Springtree Media Group now carries the M Series!

View M Series Here!

We are huge fans of ChamSys, but Martin’s M-Series definitely has its following. Here is what some LDs in the Martin Camp had to say.

“Absolutely love our M Touch and M-PC software. Super modular too so you can really build your cockpit out how you like.”

“I like chamsys, chose m-series for my own rig. Chamsys can do some stuff that m-series can’t, but I’m still happy I made the right choice. Download both (the software is free for either) and decide which approach you’re more comfortable with.”

“M touch is great. I have the m touch and m play. Its an easy software to learn.”

“Very happy with the M series. I can throw a laptop, an m-play and an m-touch in a shoulder bag, jump on a plane and take a whole show with me in a carry on. Arrive at the venue, patch in and away I go”

But you do get A LOT of bang for your buck with ChamSys.”

The M-Series will get rebranded as Obsidian Control Systems later this year!

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& Here’s a Shameless Plug for ChamSys

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