LED Ellipsoidal| Chauvet Ovation E-910FC Versus Elation’s Colour 5 Profile

We asked a group of technicians their opinions of the Chauvet Professional’s E-910FC versus Elation’s Colour 5 Profile to try and arrive at a consensus of what they believed would be the best buy for a color ellipsoidal since both are in a similar price range. 

When techies talk about gear, a lot of the conversation can be unproductive. Here is that conversation. 

Dustin: I’ve not used Elation’s but we LOVE our Chauvet E-910FCs!

Brooks: Same here! 

Daniel: Same here. I’ve installed lots of 910’s and they have been great! Great color mixing and a nice warm white. If you are mainly using it for key lighting I would look at the new 930, the white is about 20 brighter then the 910 and it still does color mixing. But the saturated colors on the 930 are not quite a bright as the 910.

Joe: Etc Colorsource Spot. (*which was not even part of the question) Light output, color both in saturated colors and natural looking warm whites due to their unique combo of diodes, availability and ease of access to parts and support.

Steven: And they are made in the USA!

Jonathan: We use CS Spots for our teaching look that is recorded each Saturday and used at our other campuses on Sunday and it looks great! We also have CS Pars as house lights at 2 of our 4 campuses now and we’re really happy with how they look. Plus ETC support is fantastic.

Taylor: Elation over Chauvet most any time

Cody: We’ve use some of the Chauvet Ovation Lekos. The big factor for us is that they are compatible with ETC Lens Tubes and lens barrels. With the Elation, you’re stuck with 19, 26, 36, or 50 deg (granted, these are the most common tubes but its nice to have the ability to use smaller or larger lens’ if you need) plus you can get zoom lens tubes. I agree with Daniel, if this is for front lighting (especially if on video), I would look at Chauvet’s E-930VW. It has full color mixing, but it more geared toward front light use and its brighter.

Justin: Just this week, I compared the Ovation E-930VW and the ETC Series 2 Lustre… as front light replacement with 10° barrels. They’re quite comparable, with intensity nod going to Chauvet. Other reasons favor ETC.

Camron:Ovations, but that’s just my preference. Both are great!

Total Tally: 

Chauvet Professional E-910FC= 12

Elation’s Colour 5 Profile= 2

Thanks for reading!

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