Introducing Aida Imaging

With more and more productions turning to the live-stream format, it’s important to find the right equipment that will make your video stand out. You want something that is user-friendly and doesn’t compromise on video quality.

Lucky for you we are pleased to announce the addition of the AIDA Imaging product line! Offering a series of high-quality, cost-efficient streaming devices, AIDA is guaranteed to provide whatever you need for your production whether large scale or small. Their stated mission is “to make a robust product line that simultaneously meets effectiveness and efficiency for the global user.”

High Quality Video Solutions

With innovation as their core tenet, AIDA devices are crafted to provide high-quality imaging solutions for everything from your simple ‘How-To’ video to full professional studio productions. Their cameras are built with solid chassis and a sleek design which makes them unobtrusive and versatile. Each product is proudly designed in the United States and manufactured with the highest standards in South Korea.

Their full-spectrum line includes both POV and PTZ cameras with a variety of connection options to easily integrate into whatever workflow you currently have. Their cutting edge technology works with industry standards to provide optimized imaging solutions for broadcast quality capture from multiple sources such as 4K cameras, Genlock/Sync devices, USB 3.0 devices, camera control and conversion equipment. The cameras boast an array of video resolutions, customizable exposure settings, and an interchangeable lens perfect for incorporating into any existing workflow.

POV Camera

One particular device that we at Springtree are really excited about is their newest POV camera, the Full HD HDMI/IP/NDI®|HX PoE POV Camera. At a price point of around $450, this remarkable little camera is easily one of the most cost-effective HD imaging solutions on the market. Utilizing NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interfacing technology, NDI®|HX, seamless HD capture and integration has never been easier. With its compact design, it can grab those hard to reach angles to give you that unique shot. Check out more details on the Full HD HDMI/IP/NDI®|HX PoE POV Camera here!

Whether you’re just getting started in this crazy world of live-stream broadcasting or you’re a pro looking to optimize your production, we are confident that AIDA has the solutions you are looking for! Give us a call for more information and to get a quote on your AIDA device today!

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