The Truth About Wall Stations

facts about Springtree dmx wall stations

We are humbly honored that our DMX Control Stations have become the industry standard. They sprung into existence from our own personal frustration on installations. However, that honor comes with some misinformation on the internet about our products.

Here are some incorrect comparisons between a competing control station (not to be named) and our DMX Wall Stations.

First off, that comparison did not include prices. The reason why they decided to leave that detail blank is kind of obvious.

Competitor Springtree

*the 2nd column is the competing station, the 3rd column is Springtree’s

Incorrect Claim #1

number of directly addressable presets for dmx wall station

The truth is that we also offer a model with 16 presets at $359.95

Incorrect Claim #2

optional contact closure control for dmx wall station

We do in fact offer a contact closure model!

Incorrect Claim #3

main and remote stations connect via dmx512 for wall stations

They make this seem like a bad thing! They fail to mention that connecting our remote stations are way easier! They connect from a simple Cat5 cable. Ethernet cables are more affordable than DMX cables, and easier to run long distances.

Incorrect Claim #4

wiring of remote stations or requires a screwdriver (not a specialized crimper) for dmx wall station

You could just plugin a premade ethernet cable if you wanted to. You would only need a crimper if you were making a custom length cable. On top of that, that crimper is pretty affordable and easy to use.

Incorrect Claim #5

remote stations supported on dmx wall station

Each Wall Station actually supports up to 5 remote stations.

Thanks for reading!

And thank you for using our Wall Stations!

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