The SM7B Killer?

Have you seen the latest trend of churches putting their singers on SM7Bs? It is also trendy for Pastors to podcast on a SM7B. They just look and feel great to record on. From Michael Jackson to the Rolling Stones, the SM7B has been used to record some of the biggest artists in history. Yet, despite the high profile use, the SM7B was not one of Shure’s huge successes. The microphone received only moderate sales for over 30 years, then podcasters found it. Demand grew rapidly, then the Pandemic happened, and it skyrocketed.

The Biggest Podcaster

Joe Rogan uses the SM7B. That sentence has been used a million times in support of why Shure’s SM7B is the best podcasting microphone out there. Joe Rogan produces the most popular podcast, and signed the largest podcast deal ever with Spotify, estimated to be worth over a hundred million dollars. It amazes people that he uses a $399.99 microphone that seems to be in their budget as well. What they don’t realize is all the equipment and technical know how needed to make it sound good! You are probably looking at a $700 investment.

The SM7B is one of the greatest mics of all time, and is not going anywhere. But, you should buy this mic instead!

The Shure MV7

If you are thinking of starting a podcast, you should probably buy Shure’s newest microphone, the MV7. Why? The MV7 is simpler to use, more compact, more affordable, and still sounds incredible. It sounds a lot better than the popular Blue Yeti microphone.

The big difference is that the MV7 does not require the use of an audio interface. The SM7B needs a pretty strong mic preamp offering at least 60 decibels of clean gain to get a clean sound. The MV7 has a built-in interface when using its USB connection. That is an incredible value! USB mics are extremely convenient, one of the reasons Audio-Technica’s 2020 series is so popular. The MV7 gives you the convenience of directly connecting to your computer, phone, or tablet, and the added control options of having a built-in interface! A free app lets you manually adjust your mics gain, monitor mix, EQ, limiter, compressor, and more. Or, you can just leave it in a great sounding auto mode. The MV7 also offers an XLR output, so when you are ready, you can upgrade to an external audio interface to up your audio game. Another feature we love is that headphones for monitoring plug directly into the back of the microphone.

The MV7 is an incredible microphone by Shure, and we are pretty excited to have some for our own use, and think you would love them too! Watch the below viedo to take a deeper dive into the differences between the SM7B and MV7, and what makes the MV7 great.

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