The Sweet Sound of Silens

The Maverick Silens 2 Profile

When designing a dynamic and dazzling show, a lighting designer seeks three elements: versatility, discretion and quality. The ideal light will have multiple functions, crisp and consistent performance and yet virtually disappear in the rigging to allow a distraction-free experience for the audience. At long last, after uncountable hours of research and development, Chauvet has brought these elements together to present a revolution in the LED moving head industry: The Maverick Silens 2 Profile. 

As the name implies, this exquisite piece of equipment operates in virtual silence and provides unparalleled performance. It is quite literally the designer’s dream. There’s really nothing this machine can’t do. We at Springtree are extremely excited about this brand-new moving head LED and wanted to take a few moments to highlight its features.

Do you hear that?

Hear what? The Maverick Silens 2 Profile boasts the quietest operation in the industry to date. It achieves this feat by being 100% convection cooled meaning there are absolutely no fans! Previously this could only be accomplished by a small LED and a massive heat sink, but with cutting edge optical and cooling technology, Chauvet was able to pair a high powered LED with a high-performance heat sink. We’re talking 11,000 lumens in this light. Add to that the meticulously tuned motors to provide smooth movement and function and you have a unit that is completely unobtrusive in environments where silence is crucial.

I Can Handle That!

Another factor Chauvet took into consideration is the manageability of the unit. They aimed to house it in the smallest unit possible. As a result, the Maverick Silens Profile 2 is equivalent in size to the MK3 Profile making it compact and single person capable. That means it’s light enough for one person to take it out, hang it and maintain it.  

Let’s Talk About Tech, Baby!

Another really exciting feature of the Maverick Silens 2 Profile is its one-of-a-kind light engine. Unique and custom designed, this engine sets itself apart in its innovation. At 560 Watts, it uses 6K Calvin white LEDs with a 60 Watt RGB integrated in. What makes it unique is, where most LEDs have an array of tightly packed LEDs arranged in a rough circle, the Silens’ array is configured in a ring centered with a single 60 Watt RGB LED. This makes it perfect for broadcast lighting. You can adjust the warmth of white light so you can match other sources or camera sensors so skin tones read correctly. With throws of 30 to 50 feet and a zoom ratio of 10:1, lighting designers for stage or screen can optimize their design to great effect.  

Color Me Pleased

The quality of light is outstanding in this fixture using color metrics that again are unique to the Maverick Silens 2 Profile. This fixture achieves 96 CRI in its native 6K Calvin and with a little CTO can push nearly 98 CRI. In addition, the team at Chauvet spent a great deal of thought and time configuring the shades of the CMY to create the best and most vivid colors possible for the fixture. Each color and mixture is distinct and hardly diffused and allows for everything from the purest of red to your light pastel colors that many LEDs have difficulty accomplishing. Along with the CMY, the unit also has a color wheel available which you can roll through or even split making it even more versatile. The Silens also has a variable CTO flag allowing you to adjust the warmth of your colors accordingly.

The Effect of the Matter

Every designer craves a light with the capacity to create that amazing and personalized touch to their production and the Maverick Silens 2 Profile does not disappoint. With an arsenal of effects, this light can add texture and nuance to your design to create that perfect expression. The dimming capabilities outperform any in its class with no flicker, pop or stuttering. The engine utilizes a red shift smart enough to draw on resources that aren’t being used to create the perfect red shift. Along with an extremely precise iris, it is equipped with a four blade system, each capable of rotating 60 degrees and able to execute a full wipe. It also includes a variable frost system that provides a light to heavy frost and is arguably the smoothest variable frost system out there. The Silens also features a specially designed gobo package created in-house for the theatrical market. These gobos are designed for projection and to create texture. It also sports a standard animation wheel to get those layered effects and beautiful motion.

Another exciting feature expands on the popular 5 facet prism that is popular in the Maverick line. It has improved its virtual strobe using the unique light engine and allowing the strobe to be split into a 5 section virtual strobe to layer in truly unique effects and texture. These effects can’t be created by any other fixture on the market!

I hope you can see why we at Springtree are so excited to be highlighting this amazing moving head fixture. Chauvet has truly outdone themselves turning to leaders in the lighting industry for feedback and creating a product that absolutely stands out without standing out, if you know what we mean. If you would like even more details on this tremendous fixture you can check out the product video above.

I bet you are curious on how much the Maverick Silens 2 Profile costs. While we can’t list the price online, we can email it if you click the “My Price?” button on the product page. It is ok to ask out of curiosity!

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