How To Program An SM-8 Switch

The SM-8 Switch can operate independently or in tandem with a lighting controller/console. However, the SM-8 Switch requires the use of a lighting controller to program it.

Steps To Program

  1. Hold down buttons 1 and 8 to enter programming
    mode (light will turn red).
  2. Set desired look on lighting console.
  3. Press desired preset button 1-8. Light will flash. Scene is stored.
  4. Set new look on lighting console.
  5. Press another unused button or record over existing scene by selecting button. Up to 8 scenes can be recorded.
  6. Repeat.
  7. Hold down buttons 1 and 8 to exit programming


  • The SM-8 Switch connects to lights via 3-pin DMX.
  • The SM-8 Switch connects to optional, wall-mounted satellite stations via Cat-5 cable.
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