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Two-Way Compact Column Point Source Loudspeaker

The ENT220 is an all-weather, column line array loudspeaker housed in an attractive, heavy duty extruded PVC enclosure. The largest member of the ENTASYS 200 family, the ENT220 provides exceptional directional control in the vertical axis to tame extremely difficult acoustic environments. With enough power to cover medium and large venues, a system of well-placed ENT220 columns is capable of providing intelligibility and superb musical reproduction, while barely being visible. Noisy environments, excessive reverberation, and other suboptimal acoustical conditions are handled effortlessly by the ENT220. Houses of worship, music venues and corporate AV presentations will benefit from the high performance and versatility of the ENT220.

At the top of the line is the ENT220 features twenty LF drivers to enhance low frequency pattern control, output and impact. The ENT220 LF extension is equal to many 12-inch loudspeakers while its output is equal or greater than most 15-inch 2-way box loudspeakers. Passive crossovers with unique dynamic protection circuitry provide flat frequency responses while guarding against abusive conditions without harming sonic quality.

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