Community I SERIES BalancePoint™ Flyware

I SERIES Bracket/Mounting Systems

BalancePoint™ Flyware is a highly versatile flying hardware system that simplifies solutions for mounting and aiming installed loudspeakers. The kits can facilitate simple single or dual loudspeaker arrangements, support planar or isometric arrays and also add rear, top or steered subwoofers to configurations. Utilizing BalancePoint™ Flyware mounting systems gives the installer the freedom to configure arrays and provide predictable and consistent coverage options. BalancePoint™ Flyware will be virtually invisible with a low-profile design that hugs the ceiling and eliminates unsightly aircraft cables.

The BalancePoint™ Flyware systems have been designed to precisely aim loudspeakers and to minimize angle drift over time. Degree markings are screened onto the brackets to allow for simple adjustment of the loudspeaker angle before or after installation. Flyware configurations (up to three loudspeakers and two subwoofers) can be bolted to, or suspended from, the structure and need only minimal space overhead. BalancePoint™ Flyware arrays can be preassembled in the shop (or staged in modules) for easy on-site installation, thus minimizing cost and time for the contractor or systems integrator. By combining Community’s exclusive BalancePoint™ Flyware with I SERIES, system designers can implement complex solutions for applications ranging from houses of worship to multi-purpose auditoriums, live theaters and other professional and commercial venues.