Community LVH-900

    Variable dispersion, Arrayable, High Output Loudspeaker

    Biamp’s Community LVH-900 Beamforming Venue Horn™ provides the highest output, widest bandwidth, and most consistent coverage of any large format point source loudspeaker on the market. Combined with the Community Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers (ALCs), precisely tailors the directivity of each loudspeaker, or array of loudspeakers, to meet the sound requirements in any application. Designed for exceptional performance in large venues, each LVH-900 Active Standard (AS) model consists of four 12-inch LF drivers, three Community M200E midrange compression drivers and four 1.5-inch HF compression drivers. Using patent-pending techniques, all drivers integrate into a single triaxial waveguide that fill the entire 36 x 31-inch face of the enclosure, providing pattern control to below 400 Hz.

    LVH-900 (AS) consists of two main models, LVH-906 and LVH-909, with fixed 60 and 90 degree horizontal coverage. Each model has presets for vertical dispersion beamforming in 60°, 40°, 20° and dual cabinet long-throw configurations. The LVH-900 (AS) models allow DSP settings and control of individual driver pairs to provide uniform sound to the audience areas.

    Typical applications include music and speech reinforcement for large houses of worship, stadiums, theatres, and much more. Possessing advanced features, highly-focused dispersion patterns, weather-resistant construction, and most importantly sonic excellence, LVH-900 loudspeakers make installations not only fast and simple, but as functionally effective as possible.

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