Community V2-215S

Dual 15-inch Versatile Cost Effective Subwoofer

The high output V2-215S is a dual-driver subwoofer system designed to augment and extend the low frequency output of any V SERIES full-range loudspeaker system, achieving the high impact and depth of response needed for larger venues. It is characterized by deep, dramatic bass and a fast transient response. Powerful and low in distortion, the V2-215S produces authoritative low frequency output and can handle almost any musical style with ease. Solidly constructed of 11-ply cross-laminated birch plywood, this subwoofer provides an accurate acoustic response uncolored by enclosure resonance.

The enclosure may be suspended from its M10 threaded rigging points, or simply located on the floor. As with all subwoofers, a corner placement is recommended when possible, in order to take advantage of the acoustical boundary effect for the highest possible efficiency. The V2-215S includes Community’s exclusive DYNA-TECH™ driver protection circuitry to protect against abusive operating conditions, and also features Community’s patented Cool-Coil™ heat evacuation technology to minimize cone driver power compression and ensure long term reliability.

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