Elation KL PANEL


The KL PANEL™ is a full-color-spectrum LED soft light that provides high output, precise color temperature control, full spectrum color rendering and even wash coverage. Optimized for the tunable white light requirements of Film and Television, it is an ideal key and fill light source for many situations requiring outstanding performance and color quality. The KL PANEL incorporates a highly efficient 6-in-1 LED package that produces up to 16,000 field lumens at a 64 beam angle. Compact and portable, the fixture can be mounted on a stand or suspended using any standard clamp or the included Junior pin adapter. It is fully self-contained without the need for any external power supply. It can also be remotely powered thru its integrated 4-pin XLR 24-36 VDC battery input. The KL Panel can be operated through industry standard DMX, Art-NET or sACN protocols. It can also be adjusted manually using the included encoders and OLED display, giving you instant access to Intensity, Color, Effects and other important settings. The display and encoders are positioned to ensure easy access while the KL Panel is mounted on a stand. The integration of Elation’s E-FLY™ wireless system allows for even more flexibility of use.


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