Galaxy Audio CBM-3 | Choir Mics


The CBM-3 is available in four models, the CBM-324 with a 24″ tall mic stand, the CBM-362 with a 62″ tall mic stand and the Dual Boom models with included Carbon Boom Microphone T-Bar, CBM-324D & CBM-362D. The CBM-3 back electret condenser microphone includes 3 interchangeable elements, Omni-Directional (ME3-O) Cardioid (ME3-C), and Super Cardioid (ME3-S).

*Be sure to list what version you are interested in when enquiring!

The light weight carbon boom makes remote miking easy. The included mini XLR to XLR cable has a recessed 10dB pad and 80Hz Low Frequency Roll Off Switch.

Applications: Choirs, Presentations, Orchestras, Instrument Miking and Ambient Miking

CBM-324: $339.99

CBM-362: $349.99

CBM:-324D: $549.99

CBM-362D: 579.99