Community V2-1500

15-inch Full-Range Two-Way

The V2-1500 models are two-way, full-range loudspeaker systems suitable for use in a wide spectrum of fixed installations. Extremely powerful with a clear, low distortion sonic quality, the V2-1564 is ideal for applications such as contemporary worship services, music and dance clubs, and theatrical sound reinforcement. Its trapezoidal design allows it to be clustered with like units, forming powerful arrays. The 60º x 40º and 90° x 60° horn patterns make the V2-1500 models useful for applications requiring tight, controlled coverage such as in acoustically reflective rooms, particularly those that are deeper than they are wide.

The enclosure may be suspended from its M10 threaded rigging points using a variety of optional hardware from Community, or it may be installed using a third-party mounting device. Both V2-1500 models provide extended high frequency response, low distortion output, authoritative bass, and precise pattern control. Featuring carefully designed crossovers that provide flat acoustic power response through the critical mid-range region, and Community’s exclusive DYNA-TECH™ driver protection circuitry, both the V2-1564 and V2-1596 are versatile performers for use in music and speech applications that require high quality, high power sound reinforcement at an affordable price.

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