7 Reasons To Purchase Spatial Flats!

7 Reasons To Purchase Spatial Flats!

DMX Control!

Spatial Flats provide smooth 0-100% DMX dimming and can be controlled alongside any DMX stage lighting you may have.

Spatial Flats can be used alongside DMX Wall Stations, for easy everyday control!

Safe To Install Yourself!

Spatial Flats are low-voltage fixtures designed to be safe for any handy person to install themselves.

*Check your local codes.

Huge Energy Savings!

Spatial Flats provide you with incredible energy savings without compromising on brightness! Your energy bill will thank you.

Vibrant Color Creation!

Spatial Flats can create thousands of vibrant colors!

Full Installation Guide!

There is a free installation guide that walks you step by step through the process of installing Spatial Flats in a drop ceiling.

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Part Of Lo-Vo!

Spatial Flats are part of the Lo-Vo Architectural Lighting series, granting you access not only to Spatial Flats but also to a wide array of low-voltage fixtures, allowing you to beautifully illuminate your space according to your preferences.

*Examples of other Lo-Vo fixtures include an LED pendant (pictured), LED tape, a mini spot, an LED bar, and many more!

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Crazy Affordable!

Not only are Spatial Flats affordable, but they are installed using affordable low-voltage wire, saving you a fortune by eliminating the need to hire an electrician to run expensive armored cable!

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