Power drivers

What Are Power Drivers?

Power Drivers are the power and control center of our Lo-Vo system. (See, what is Lo-Vo).

Lo-Vo fixtures are DMX controllable, low-voltage luminaires that allow you the freedom to illuminate your venue. We currently offer three Power Driver models.

What’s the Difference Between the Power Drivers?

  DMX600 DMX1200 DMX1800
30Watt Spatial Flats 16 32 48
50Watt Spatial Flats 8 16 24
12Watt LED Board 40 80 120
LED Spatial Bars 4 8 12

Important Differences To Note

  • The DMX600 gives you fewer control options than the DMX1200 & DMX1800.
  • The DMX1200 is the only rackable Power Driver.
  • The DMX1200 & DMX1800 can power different types of Lo-Vo fixtures; at the same time.
  • The DMX600 is all or nothing. It can power Warm White LEDs or color LEDs, but not both.
  • Warm White LEDs powered by the DMX600 can be split into 4 DMX controllable zone, but color LEDs powered by the DMX600 must be in one zone.
  • The DMX1800 does not come with a plug. It gives you the option to hardwire the unit if desired. (View manual for more info.)
  • The DMX600 & DMX1200 can easily plug into a standard wall outlet with the included cable. (Be sure the power outlet matches the required voltage for your unit.)

Here is an example of the different zone options you get with the DMX1200. The DMX1800 also offers similar zone options.