2-way Powered Point Source

The VANTEC-215A is equipped with twin 15FV4 woofers for applications requiring higher SPL overall and a more powerful bass response, such as mobile DJ´s, live performances or any type of Event-that needs the added punch.
The three channel amplifier offers 2250 Wpeak and operates in a “dual-band” configuration where each loudspeaker operates in a specific frequency range. The impressively small size and light weight of the electronics package makes the VANTEC Series amps one of the worlds lightest.
Digital Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters are used in the signal processing of the powered VANTEC systems. User configurable voicing, filters, EQ modes, and gain control are achieved by way of a rotary-knob interface and LCD screen on the rear of the cabinet. The Vantec-series allows users to wirelessly stream music from mobiles devices.
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