Beautiful House lighting

LED Spatial Pendants

Meet the LED Spatial Pendant! 


The LED Spatial Pendant is a DMX Controllable, 120Watt COB LED fixture with an 80-degree beam angle for a beautiful, even coverage that blends smoothly together in multiples. Available with a Warm White or RGBW LED Engine! 

Available Options:

  • Warm White LED Engine: A bright, natural feeling Warm White that creates a sense of comfort in a space.
  • RGBWW LED Engine: produces thousands of vibrant colors.

How Does It Help?

We wanted a simple solution that didn’t compromise performance or aesthetics while fitting the budget of the many churches and venues we were partnering with! While other LED house lighting options are over $1,000 per fixture, ours offers the same great performance at less than half the cost, while having a better finished look!
They are DMX controllable, and compatible with the Springtree Wireless DMX System. A popular option is to control them with your stage lighting from your lighting console, plus using one of our DMX Wall Stations to add easy, everyday control.

DMX Controllable, Recessed LEDs!

Spatial Flats are 30Watt DMX Controllable Recessed LED Fixtures with your choice of a RGBWW or Warm White LED engine! It requires the use of a DMX600 Driver for power and DMX. They offer beautifully bright and colorful house lighting for venues with lower drop or drywall ceilings, where Spatial Pendants wouldn’t be a viable solution! 

$79.95 for Warm White, $89.95 for RGBWW!