Installation Guide

LED Spatial Bars are incredibly versatile fixtures that can be used as footlights, house lights, and wash lights. They are powerfully bright and produce a wide, even wash of light. As part of our Lo-Vo line, Spatial Bars run on safe 24V DC low voltage power, making them not only bright but also safe and energy-efficient.

Any handy person can safely install these low-voltage fixtures. Below are timestamped videos that will walk you through all the steps. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 615-599-1505.

Available Options

  • Black Housing
  • White Housing
  • RGBWW LED Engine
  • Warm White LED Engine


18/6 Stranded General Purpose Cable, 500′

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Cable Needed: LED Spatial Bars require 5 wires, but we use 18/6 wire (one extra wire) because it is affordable and comes in a pull box.

Tools Needed

  • Wire Strippers
  • Wire Nuts
  • Micro Screwdriver

Power Drivers

LED Spatial Bars are powered and controlled via a Power Driver, with three options available.

Note: While LED Spatial Bars are completely silent, the drivers are cooled by an audible fan, and should be placed in a utility closet or sound booth. A DMX connection is needed only at the driver, not at each fixture.

  DMX602 DMX1200 DMX1800
LED Spatial Bars Powered 4 8 12


How To Wire The Fixture

How To Wire To The Power Driver

+ = Black
R = Red
G = Green
B = Blue
W = White

How To Run Shielded Cables

If you are running many audio cables in proximity to your LED Spatial Bars, you will want to use shielded cables to prevent any audio interference.

Part of Lo-Vo!

LED Spatial Bars are incredible fixtures, but the best part is that they are part of a larger series, Lo-Vo Architectural Lighting. This means you can mix and match an assortment of lighting options to beautifully illuminate your space!

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