Audio-Technica Mic Packages with Free $130 Microphone!

Audio-Technica Mic Packages!

Purchase any of these wireless systems, and receive a FREE $130 headset microphone! Also included is a free 6 foot microphone cable. This is the price you would pay for the wireless system alone at any retailer, making this an unbeatable deal

Audio-Technica’s 2000 Series (pictured above) is a 10-channel professional wireless system. Features include two available frequency bands and switchable antenna power. Also, the optional ATW-CHG2 two-bay recharging station provides power to recharge NiMH batteries in two ATW-T220a handheld transmitters and/or ATW-T210a UniPak® transmitters in any combination.
MSRP:$628.00   MAP:$458.00


  • 1 Audio-Technica ATW-2110
  • 1 HSD-SH25 Springtree Airwave Mic
  • 1 6’ accu cable mic cable


The System 10 PRO is a rack-mountable, digital wireless system that provides an interference-free operation in the 2.4Ghz range. The half-rack chassis is durable and equipped to house two receiver units that can be remotely operated via Ethernet cable (up to 328 feet away) or can be housed within the chassis. Up to 10 receiver units (5 chassis) can be linked using the RJ12 cable which is included with each system creating a stable multichannel system.
MSRP:$768.00    MAP:$558.00


  • 1 Audio-Technica System 10 Pro (atw1301)
  • 1 HSD-SH25 Springtree Airwave Mic
  • 1 6’ accu cable mic cable

The Springtree – Airwave HSD-SH25 is excellent for speech and vocal use in a variety of applications. Lots of gain before feedback and easy to eq compared to many more expensive mics. Our shorter boom design means less plosions from being too close to the mouth, not to mention making it ideal for children’s theatre. It is available at this time with the connector for Audio-Technica, Shure, and Sennheiser wireless body packs.

We no longer offer this bundle.

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