Chauvet LED Fresnels

Fresnels in Theatre

Fresnels create a wide, soft edged beam, and are traditionally used to top and backlight performers on a stage. Their soft edges allow them to blend together to make an even stage wash. They are; however, not as controllable or powerful as ellipsoidal and pars, and thus not typically used for front lighting.

Ovation LED Fresnels

The new lineup of Chauvet Professional LED Fresnels is a huge game changer that brings high quality LED technology that greatly enhances the classic performance, as well as supporting sustainability!

Think more Colors and Greater Control!

This is the Ovation Fresnel Lineup


Ovation FTD-55W– the most affordable of the new line, its major feature is that it is track mountable. Similar in operation to “inkie” fresnels, it has a manually controlled variable zoom angle of 28° to 64°. It operates silently. MAP: $329.99 Your Price

Warm White LED Fresnel

Ovation F-55WW– is also an “inkie” style fixture that is ideal for short throw applications. It produces a beautifully, soft edged field of light that is a natural looking Warm White. MAP:$399.99 Your Price


Ovation F-55FC– also for short-throw applications, but with full color! Chauvet Professional’s lime color system is phenomenal! It allows you to easily replicate colors, and create any white you desire. It features RGBAL LEDs, and a manually controlled variable zoom angle of 32° to 87°. It has 16-bit dimming for smooth fades, and silent operation! MAP:$499.99  Your Price


Ovation F-265WW- is where things start getting more advanced! It boasts a powerful 2,000Watt Output and motorized zoom of 27° to 68°! It can be controlled via DMX or manually. It produces an efficient Warm White field of light. MAP: $1,199.99  Your Price


Ovation F-915 VW– motorized zoom and the same benefits as the F-265WW, but with a 6-color engine for adding a splash of color! MAP: $1,499.99  Your Price


Ovation F-915FC- the very best you can get. Makes use of Chauvet’s lime color system for the creation of beautifully vibrant colors. It has the unusual convince of control that traditional fresnel lack through its motorized zoom. Its high powered output allows it the versatility to be wherever you need it to be. MAP: $1,499.99  Your Price

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