Meet The RGBlink mini-mx

What is the RGBlink?

The RGBlink mini-mx is an all-in-one streaming production mixer.

Is It Better Than a Blackmagic?


But it may be better for you!

If you have followed us for a while, you know we are big Blackmagic ATEM fans. Blackmagic completely shattered the price wall for incredible quality, professional video gear. So, it may be surprising that we are now pushing a new video mixer that is not a Blackmagic Atem.

Let me explain!

The Swiss Army Knife Of Video Mixers

A good way to think of the mini-mx is as a Swiss Army Knife. A Swiss Army Knife (or a leatherman) is probably the most useful tool you could carry. The Swiss Champ, for instance, features 33 different tools, including scissors, small pliers, and three screwdrivers.

Now, the brilliance of a Swiss Army Knife is the convenience of having all those tools packed into a small package that you can carry in your pocket. But, individual tools will always be better. Similarly, the features of the mini-mx are better on dedicated devices.

For instance, the mini-mx features a built-in joystick for controlling PTZ cameras. It is a fingertip joystick, similar to the ones you will find on a video game controller. While it is not as good as a full-sized, dedicated PTZ controller, the fact a compact video mixer includes a built-in joystick is incredible, and the fingertip joystick is good enough for many people’s needs.

In addition to the convenience of having all these tools packed into a compact device, there is the price. It is affordable! Most professional PTZ controllers alone are more expensive than the mini-mx. The brilliance of the RGBlink mini-mx is that it packs a host of powerful features and tools into one compact unit and is affordable!

Features of the RBGlink


The RGBlink mini-mx features H.265 compression and encoding for streaming.

The mini-mx can connect to a laptop and act like a webcam, enabling Capture for OBS and many more apps.

You can directly stream simultaneously to four multiple platforms over IP without a laptop or stream to up to 32 platforms or connections simultaneously with the TAO Live integration.

Audio Settings

The mini-mx features 2x Mic in, 1x Line-in, 1x Bluetooth, 1 Audio Out + 1 Headphone jack with built-in faders to monitor and set audio levels live. These features make the mini-mx the perfect choice for a video podcast.

Recording Settings

The mini-mx can record 80Mbps high-definition video to an external hard drive via USB 3.0 while also streaming. The mini-mx supports a hard drive with a maximum capacity of 2T.

Chroma Key

The mini-mx includes a built-in Chroma Key with support for multiple colors and the ability to refine color selection and tolerances from the touch screen.


The mini-mx features a 5.5-inch touch screen for menu operations, such as selecting presets, transition effects, and Chroma Key options. The touch screen also lets you preview and select your video sources. The mini-mx also supports an additional monitor via HDMI.


The mini-mx features the ability to layer videos and graphics with two full video layers, plus background image, two graphic overlays from the media pool, as well as dynamic OSD text overlay. Both video layers may be scaled, positioned, and cropped.


Additional Features

  • Quad HDMI 2.0 inputs, resolutions up to 4K@60
  • Dual HDMI 1.3 outputs to monitor multi-window PVW and PGM
  • Mix for HDMI embedded and external audio
  • Support multi-layer overlay, layer scaling and cropping
  • 15 switching effect modes
  • 5-direction joystick for controlling up to 4 PTZ cameras
  • Save and store up to 16 scene presets. One-click for preset recall
  • Support web control, compatible with mobile devices and computers, compatible with multiple operating systems
  • One-key quick switch between portrait and landscape screen

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