New Blackmagic Web Presenter HD!

Black Magic Web Presenter HD

The Original Web Presenter vs. The New Web Presenter HD

What’s Different Between the two?

Blackmagic Web Presenter SDI Input and RTMP Output

The big difference right off the bat is the resolution rate and removal of the HDMI input and output. The original Blackmagic Web Presenter automatically reduced the resolution to 720p, while the new Web Presenter HD default resolution is 1080p. Additionally, the new Web Presenter HD now works exclusively with SDI inputs. The original Web Presenter required the use of a computer, while the new HD model can stream directly to the internet via ethernet or by connecting to your phone’s 4 or 5g network. At $495, at the time of the article, the original and the new Web Presenter HD both come in at the same price, which is impressive considering the enormous price increases we have seen across the entire AV industry. The Web Presenter HD, though new, is a better value because it includes a built-in LCD screen for monitoring and control. Whereas; the original Web Presenter’s screen was an additional $85 and required installation.

The Downside Of The New Web Presenter HD

While including a built-in LCD screen at no additional cost is a definite plus, it comes with a downside. The Web Presenter HD can no longer be used as a switcher. The Teranex Mini Smart Panel allowed you to switch between two feeds, while that is no longer an option for the new Web Presenter HD. Blackmagic is positioning the Web Presenter HD as an alternative to streaming software and highlighting its use in addition to their popular ATEM Television Studio HD Video Switcher. In contrast, they presented the original Web Presenter as a standalone device. The Web Presenter HD can still be a standalone streaming device if you do not require switching.

ATEM Television Studio HD and Web Presenter Live Streaming

What’s The Same

A popular feature that remains is the Web Presenter HD’s ability to take a broadcast quality SDI video source and make it appear like a webcam for Zoom meetings/conferences. The Web Presenter HD features two USB connections that operate as simple webcam sources.

Web Presenter HD vs. Atem Mini Pro

Considering the Web Presenter HD’s inability to be a switcher, and the fact the Atem Mini Pro is the exact same price at $495, why would you ever purchase a Web Presenter HD over an Atem Mini Pro?

For those unfamiliar, the ATEM Mini Pro is an incredible video switcher with advanced broadcast features that supports 4 HDMI inputs. The regular ATEM Mini starts at $295, but the reason we are highlighting the pro version is that it comes jam-packed with the exact streaming features as the Web Presenter HD. Like the Web Presenter, the Atem Mini Pro can stream directly to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, and many more. Like the Web Presenter HD, it can trick your computer into thinking your professional setup is a simple USB webcam. So, with the Atem Mini Pro, you can professionally switch between 4 cameras and still appear on Zoom or Skype as a simple webcam. So considering they are the exact same cost, possess the same streaming ability, and the Atem Mini Pro has broadcast quality switching ability, the Atem Mini Pro is the obvious purchase choice if you are working with HDMI cameras. The exception is if you are using SDI cameras.

Why Use SDI Cameras?

SDI is the professional broadcast standard due to its much longer run length and use of secured cable connections. This is not to say you can’t create a great professional live stream with HDMI cameras. Take a quick look at the Blackmagic camera connections. The URSA and Studio cameras use SDI connections, while the Pocket Cinema Cameras use HDMI.

Web Presenter + The Atem Television Studio HD

New Atem Web Presenter

The Web Presenter HD plus the Atem Television Studio HD equals a powerful combo. The Television Studio HD is jam-packed with broadcast-quality features and lets you access up to 8 different video sources, 4 HDMI and 4 SDI. So you can connect to media devices, like video game consoles, easily with the HDMI options, while the SDI connections allow you to use professional broadcast cameras.

Additional Pro Features!

Black Magic Web Presenter On Air Mode

The Web Presenter HD now features monitoring capabilities that not only showcase your feed but also your key technical attributes, like streaming, video, and audio input statuses. Blackmagic Design has also added additional redundancy to the new Web Presenter HD. It supports both AC and DC inputs, so you can have the unit plugged into a power source, while also connecting to a broadcast battery pack for backup. Additionally, the Web Presenter HD can be connected to the internet over ethernet and be tethered to an Apple or Android device’s 4g or 5g as backup, with the ability to switch automatically in case of an outage.

Use With The Streaming Bridge

Blackmagic Mini Pro to Web Presenter to Streaming Bridge to ATEM Television Studio

Another pro feature is the ability to use the Web Presenter HD as a way of connecting remote locations back to your studio. Imagine having multiple filming locations, and sending back your footage via the Web Presenter HD to a Blackmagic Atem Streaming Bridge. You can then go from your streaming bridge into an Atem Television Studio HD, and mix a live production from multiple locations.

Thank you for reading! We hope this article helped differentiate the differences between the two Web Presenter models, and the Atem Mini Pro. We are huge fans of Blackmagic Design, and are proud to offer the complete lineup.

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