The Airwave AW-Tech Mobile is affordable and portable!

Wireless Transmitter & Receiver

Today we want to talk to you about the Airwave AW-Tech Mobile wireless transmitter and receiver. This product is a great entry-level device for anyone broadcasting or recording audio along with their video. Whether you’re a teacher teaching your class via Zoom, a video podcaster or conducting business meetings, this easy-to-use set-up gives you everything you need at a great price. The transmitter pack is extremely lightweight making it virtually unnoticeable and comes with a lavalier microphone. It also comes with an array of accessories including camera attachments to attach your video device and can even work with your phone. The device is rechargeable using a standard phone charger. One of the other great features is that the transmitter is reversible turning the device into an in-ear monitor system. With 50 frequencies, you should have no trouble getting clear audio and your volume control is right on the transmitter pack. For anyone needing a quick and affordable solution to their audio needs, this is the product for you.

Check out the video below to hear how the AW-Tech Mobile sounds compared to a $1,000 Shure system!

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