Next Generation of LED House Lighting!

We are aiming at changing everything in this industry!

We believe great LED house lighting systems should be simple and affordable. That quality shouldn’t mean complex installations and $1,500 a fixture. 

So we designed systems that are safe and easy to install. The key is low voltage DC lighting.

We designed our LED fixtures to have ultra smooth DMX dimming, which is unheard of in low voltage. 

The electrical savings are enormous! Typically, you would have to pay an electrician by the hour to run expensive armored cable to each lighting fixture. Our systems use affordable 18 gauge wire, and most states allow you to install low voltage fixtures yourself, without needing to pull a permit. This is because low voltage fixtures are so safe to install, that you could wire them live and never even feel the electricity on your hands.

DC is what Thomas Edison wanted because it was safer. The problem with DC is that the voltage starts to drop with distance, so they would have needed a power plant on every block. They were also powering up very inefficient, traditional incandescent types of fixtures. LEDs have always been DC. The LED bulb you would buy at Home Depot is converted to AC through a converter inside the fixture itself. LEDs are super energy efficient, and so you would barely see your meter move running one of our systems. 

Watch The Video Below To See What’s New!

See A DC System In Action!

Low Voltage Systems

1 thoughts on “Next Generation of LED House Lighting!

  1. Ron Scott says:

    We have made an attempt to move to LED in our overhead cans but are experiencing problems; maybe our DMX (circa 2007?) doesn’t recognize the LED versus the old PAR 56 lights. We’re looking to improve our sanctuary lighting to LED with full dimmer capability. Can you help?? We are located in Jacksonville, AR.

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