The Best DJ Lights Under $500

You can have the best music, but without lights it’s not a party! There are a ton of great DJ Effect Lights on the market, and many will adequately serve your needs, but the enormous amount of options can make for a hard choice and be overwhelming! As of the time I’m writing this, we currently have 155 effect fixtures for your consideration, making it one of our most crowded categories. Below is a list of our favorites to make your search easier!

ADJ’s Inno Pocket Z4

What we like about the Inno Pocket Z4 is its square design with four crisp beams that makes it really standout as a fixture. It lives up to American DJ’s slogan of pure lighting excitement, and will help create a high energy atmosphere!

MAP: $479.99        Learn more here

Chauvet DJ’s GigBar 2

The GigBAR 2 is a best seller, but what we love isn’t its popularity but its convenience! It allows you to set up a rocking light show in 5 minutes and doesn’t require lighting expertise! It features two LED Derby fixtures, LED wash lights, a laser, and 4 high-power LED strobe lights all mounted on one bar. It includes everything you need, such as an IR remote and carry bag.

MAP: $499.99       Click here to learn more

Chauvet DJ’s Geyser P4

Imagine as you are dropping the beat, sending up a fire like vertical blast of illuminated fog! Easy to control, and with thousand’s of color mixing options, we think the Geyser P4 is a great value for DJs.

MAP: $299.00        Click here for more info

Chauvet DJ Freedom Par Quad-4 IP

Chauvet’s Freedom Pars are appropriately named! What we love about them is the freedom they give to easily set up beautiful multicolored uplighting. The Freedom Par Quad-4 IP is a weather proof, battery operated RGBA LED Par.

MAP: $379.99         Click here for more info

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