The Very Best Wireless DMX


Today we’re looking at a product that has just been a life saver for us out in the field. We sell them as well; we use them in our production company. Its a Wireless DMX System. You have a female and male XLR transmitter and receiver. You can have as many receivers as you want per transmitter. 

They have been bullet proof for us so far. One of the nice things- I will let you know right away that ours are a little more expensive then what you’ll find on Amazon, but those don’t let you scan multiple frequencies. These do. If you are ever in a area and getting interference, you can change the frequency of these. These have been bullet proof for us. 

We actually just installed a church where when we put in lights, replacing their house lights, and their ceiling was the roof. There was just no way to get DMX cable to the fixtures, unless we ran ugly channel across the ceiling. Its been bullet proof, no failures, no flickering. They just work. Hey, just the cost of the cable and the run justify the cost of one of these. 

So, what are they good for? 


So we’ve tried other wireless DMX, and all wireless DMX works but you get the occasional flicker here and there. So if you’re in the middle of an event, you never want to see a flicker. And with these, turn them on, and they just work. I never had to change the frequency on them, but if I did have to change them its just a simple 1 through nine. You just set one transmitter on 1 and the other on 1, and it connects instantly. 


Yeah, Matt once hooked up a light in Kentucky and controlled it from Tennessee. 


Don’t say that!- cause then we’ll get people calling and saying, “I tried to hook this up from my house, why isn’t it working? You said it worked on the video.”


(in country accent) I want one of them interstate wireless DMX!

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