So we took a LED Par wash light made by another manufacturer that costs $110 and compared it to our SlimPar 912s, which is our smallest and most affordable Par at $249. Watch the video below to see the comparison.

Lets be fair!

At half the price, and a fraction of the output, this isn’t a comparison of two equal fixtures. And to be even more transparent, the other companies $110 fixture could probably be bought at an even lower price if bought in a set. So if this is not a fair contest, then what is the point? 

The market is flooded with cheap LED fixtures that can make you think twice before investing in quality fixtures. Of course there are ton of applications that would be wonderful with the $110 Par. It would create adequate uplighting at a simple social event. So the point of this comparison was to show that there is a very visible quality difference and that going with professional fixtures is worth it if you want professional quality.

When Good is Good Enough

We designed our lighting line to be good enough. You could spend a hundred thousand dollars on stage lighting with a company like Martin or Elation and get a result that would blow ours away. Our line was not designed for the stadium concert, nor for electronic music festivals, but out of a seen need for a simple yet powerful stage lighting solution for churches, theaters, and schools. Our goal is to allow these venues to achieve a great lighting quality at a good price. We would love for you to be part of our goal. 

If you are interested, click here to view our complete line of Stage Lighting

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