A Temporary Home for the Journey Church

The Need

 The Journey Church in Franklin is excitingly awaiting the future, while not neglecting present needs. To accommodate growth they have found a new building, but the downside is that the building will not be ready for a year. So in the mean time they are meeting at an old YMCA building.

The Solution

Springtree had the privilege to partner with the Journey Church to optimize their present space, removing distractions, and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for worship. We installed over 220′ of drape on walk-a-long track that allows a gym to be transformed into a church in just a few minutes. For lighting we installed Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot LEDs to create vibrant and colorful patterns on the walls, while our Springtree Original Ellipsoidal and SlimPar fixtures provide stage lighting.
        Providing gear that would allow for a quick setup and tear down was one of our chief considerations,  that would require few volunteers and making serving a joy. This can be seen by the Draper motorized screen and Hitachi Projector we installed that provides a beautiful image with minimal setup.

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