What is the ATEM Mini? 

The ATEM Mini is a live production switcher by Blackmagic Design for taking your HDMI camera footage and making it live across social media platforms. It offers 4 HDMI inputs, easy to use pro transition buttons, and has full 1080 HD webcam output, all for only $295!

Live streaming is a popular tool utilized by many ministries these days. Whether you aim at meeting the need of shut-ins, or using your stream as an evangelism tool, ATEM video switchers have become an industry standard. The ATEM Mini would definitely be the entry level model because it is easy for anybody to use, and it is affordable for smaller ministries to purchase. Pair the ATEM Mini with some Sony camcorders, and you have yourself a little video ministry. It’s important to note the ATEM Mini only connects to HDMI inputs.


Many church services film the preaching and project it on screens to give the congregation a close up of the preacher. The ATEM Mini includes an HDMI output for feeding your video feed to your projectors. It also has a webcam output for tricking social media to think your stream is coming from a single webcam. This allows for max compatibility. It can work with Open Broadcaster software for live streaming, or Skype for point to point presentations. Additionally, it works with XSplit Broadcaster, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Skype, Twitch TV, Periscope, Livestream, Wirecast and more.


You can connect a microphone for the pastor. You can switch between a camera capturing a closeup, and one capturing a wide shot. You can also have a camera capturing footage of the congregation. You can choose between different transitions at the press of the button. You can add the church logo at the corner using the built in keyer. You can connect to a computer with HDMI to switch footage of slides you’ve prepared. You can produce a quality live stream!

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