The goal of church, in the sense of the church building, is not to be a comfortable space, but a place for worship through music, learning, and taking communion. Good lighting helps with focus, and warm lighting helps create a relaxing atmosphere for fellowship. While being good stewards of a church’s budget, adding professional LED light can help you give your best, and DMX keeps control simple.


We got to partner with the Broward Church to replace their house lighting with modified Spatial COB WWs. Full control is wireless via the Springtree Wireless System. 

Below is a picture of the fixtures we replaced. 

Old Fixtures

New Lights: 26 Modified Warm White Spatials + 6 RGBW Spatials for color + Wireless DMX Transmitters

They now have a greater output of warm light, and energy savings. The walls can now be colored at the touch of a button. Control of dimming and various regions didn’t require long runs of DMX cables, but a Wireless System that is is simple to use as plugging in, and has never failed any of our customers. 

The Spatials are now designed to power the Wireless System directly from the back.

Wash Lights with Wireless

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