Airwave Dual Channel System-Product Review

I recently got to try out a dual channel AT-4210 handheld mic setup from Airwave Technologies. This is a very good budget friendly wireless mic. The receiver has some nice features, like channel search, squelch, and IR sync with the transmitter. It has battery, AF, and RF level meters.

The transmitter is an all metal body (except for the plastic antenna cover) that uses AA batteries and has a great sounding capsule. The transmitter has a single on/off/mute button that’s easy to press, but stays out of the way of normal use. It shows the frequency, battery level, RF, mute and gain setting.

The kit included rack ears, antennas, cables and connectors for front mounting the antennas, power supply and 4 AA batteries. It would be nice if it cable with mic clips, but at this price point, I can live without. Handling noise is more then I would expect, but not unusable and it wasn’t noticeable during the 3 worship sets we used them on. Setup was quick and easy.

The mic sound great. As good or if not better than our Sennheiser Evolution G3 wireless. In the end, this is an extremely usable wireless mic that is significantly better than any of the other major brands at the same price point and competes directly with wireless that cost hundreds more.

Note: I was not compensated in anyway for this review.

Every word above this line was an actual product review posted on the Church Sound-Media Techs by Aaron McQueen who had purchased a system from Springtree.


Cost: $549.95

Available with the two handhelds, two body packs, or one of each.

Product Page

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