New Blackmagic Television Gear!

Blackmagic Design’s new lineup is focused on the live broadcast market. Few companies can disrupt industries like Blackmagic has, creating products of incredible cinema quality at attainable prices! Did they hit the mark again with their new series?

At the center of the lineup is their new camera, the URSA Broadcast.


At $3,495, you get the body of the camera for a price similar to that of a Pro DSLR. That is about 1/10th of the price you could purchase an alternative broadcast camera for. Its 4K image sensor with a new extended video mode offers an extraordinary dynamic range with high color fidelity.

It comes with just the body? Does that mean it’ll be expensive after lenses and attachments?

Well, yes and no. There are certainly some pro lenses you could attach that will cost as much as the camera itself, but it was designed to be an affordable solution, being able to  work with both older after market HD lenses and inexpensive photo lenses. No other broadcast camera will offer you such flexibility. It comes with an BF lens mount, but you can purchase an optional EF, PL, or F mount.

No need for extensive post-production!

Known for their Digital Cinema Cameras, most people associate Blackmagic products with the need to color grade the footage in post production. This is typical of digital cinema cameras simply because capture so much data. Yet, with live broadcasts in mind, the URSA Cinema Cameras were designed to create beautiful images in video mode for live play or quick edits to get stories out as soon as possible. Right from the start, it will produce texture and detail, accurate skin tones, vibrant color and high dynamic range footage, all without the need for post production.

But to run the Camera via fiber will cost you an extra $6,000

Meet the Fiber Convertors!

Blackmagic Camera Fiber Converter ($2,995)


Blackmagic Studio Fiber Converter ($2,995)


The Fiber Convertor system is actually quite impressive, and you may find it worth the investment for any professional level live broadcasting. The Blackmagic Camera Fiber Converter and Blackmagic Studio Fiber Converter allow you to convert standard television industry connections for video, audio, power, talkback, and tally into a single SMPTE fiber optic cable at distances of over 1 mile! This makes it perfect for sporting events where cameras have to placed at various distances. Two dual-channel digital talkback connections are provided that work with professional 5 pin XLR talkback headsets.additional-controls.jpg

In addition to converting your signals to run via fiber, the Camera Fiber Convertor attachment provides additional controls typically associated with studio cameras. Those additions include 3 return video feeds, 2 extra audio inputs, connections for PTZ and trackers, plus additional DC and D-tap outputs for powering accessories, thus allowing you to operate the camera in the same way as traditional studio camera!

Power to Creators!

There is now more content produced then ever before, with traditionally broadcasting facing stiff competition from streaming services like Netflix. This means reduced budgets. The wonderful thing about Blackmagic gear is that it is affordable, allowing you to meet those budget without sacrificing quality.

No longer an exclusive club!- Television use to be controlled by a few companies with the resources to produce programming. Yet now, youtube can easily outpace tv for views. The URSA Broadcast Camera is the perfect solution for producing Professional Web Programming. You can now live stream television quality footage of local events and school productions to conquer your niche in the content market.

And that is why Blackmagic Design has made such a dramatic impact on the industry, because it takes away the price wall of professional gear from content creators!

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