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LED Video Panels are mesmerizing, but Moving Head LEDs are dynamic!

Our two big takeaways from LDI 2017 were ADJ’s Vizi CMY300 and Chauvet Professional’s Maverick MK Pyxis.



[youtube]Brand new, but already turning heads, Chauvet’s Pyxis has been selected for Louis the Child’s tour. Their production team had this to say,

“I knew that if we wanted to break the video wall up into sections on this tour, we would have to intersperse those sections with lights, but to do that we would need fixtures that were very dynamic, fast with pixel mapping so they could blend with the video and create some cool looks. The Pyxis and the Rogue R1 FX-B were both perfect for this, so we started coming up with ideas for an integrated design that blended video and these fixtures.”

What really drew them to the Pyxis was its compact size, and ability to produce many different looks, which allowed for the use of fewer fixtures, a huge plus for life on the road. Similar reasons drew the attention of LD Mike Grabowski, who was charged with designing the reboot of MTV’s popular TRL, filmed in their Times Square studio.

Not even out yet, he had heard word of Pyxis from friends who had seen a private demo, and so he immediately specced the light for his show and found that it was exactly what he needed. As he put it,

“It’s important to me that on a long-term show like this, all of my moving heads be more than one trick ponies. The market has many moving head LED washes. It also has LED ‘moving gimmick lights’ that are sort of – but only sort of — wash units. The Pyxis is the best of both worlds. It has some truly nifty effects, like the center beam, the pixel ring and continuous motion –but it’s also a really good, strong, zoomable wash light. Another way of putting it is that this fixture has some unique features, but resists being a single look unit, because it includes these effects in a wash. On top of that, it’s also a very attractive fixture.”

Vizi CMY300

Best for its price!

It has a powerful output, and full CMY color mixing. Powered by a 300Watt LED Engine, this fixture will deliver in large venues. Versatile in operation, it features an unusually large zoom range of 8 to 46-degrees, which allows for a seamless transition between a beam, spot, and wash.

It was the winner of PLSN’s Gold Star Product Award.



  • Motorized Focus and Zoom
  • 2 Rotating Prisms (one 6-facet linear & one 3-facet circular)
  • 2 GOBO Wheels (1 wheel fixed metal & one wheel rotating/replaceable GOBOs)
  • Full color function display on the front panel, with the rear panel offering powerCON In/Out and 3-pin & 5-pin DMX connections.
  • Full CMY Color Mixing
  • Built-in Wireless DMX Capabilities

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