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Why Does My Video Wall Look Bad On Camera? – Overcoming the Moiré Effect

overcoming the moire effect

Having Video Wall Blues You’ve just acquired a video wall, and it looks awesome in person! You can’t wait to show it off, so you take out your phone to capture a video, and then you notice something peculiar. Your video wall doesn’t look good on camera. It’s covered with strange lines and patterns. This […]

Selecting Your Church’s Video Wall

church video wall panel

So, you’ve decided to start looking for a Church Video Wall. Where do you start? The Purpose A good starting point is the purpose. What is the purpose of an LED Video Wall? Is it because you are trying to keep up with the megachurch down the street? Hopefully not. You are probably looking for […]

The Truth About 4K Video Walls

4k video wall

No one likes a fuzzy picture. The crisper and cleaner the image, the higher value we put on it. With that in mind, we would like to adjust the contrast on some points about LED video walls of which most people just aren’t aware.  As consumers, there is a perceived need for the clearest, most […]