Microphones for Water is Springtree’s fundraiser of $20 donated to Living Water International for every microphone, or microphone bundle sold on Springtree LED. We have always been about win wins here at Springtree. You receive an incredible microphone at half the price, while we get to raise money for a cause we love. 

Living Water International does work in 18 low-income countries, and a huge part of that work is promoting hygiene projects. This makes Living Water ideally suited to help the spread of the coronavirus in these at risk places. Most of these nations do not have a medical system that could handle an outbreak. This makes prevention all the more important. They are working towards improving hygiene habits through their tried-and-true programs, while continuing to ensure safe water, and sanitation.

How That $20 Helps

  • $10 provides a hygiene promoter kit with lessons and necessary supplies for a community member to be a hygiene promoter for their neighbors.
  • $45 provides access to safe drinking water plus sanitation and hygiene promotion for one person.
  • $360 provides a community hygiene promotion activity including proper handwashing and disease prevention. 

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Written by Brandon Vaque- who grew up around AV, being dragged to help at rental events for his parents AV company. Before the age of 18, he had been in over a hundred church installs as his dad attempted to instill in him a good work ethic. Then after college, he did what he swore he would never do and joined the family business. His passion has been to simplify the lighting process, to take the stress out of navigating between thousands of similar products and control options.

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