Create a Professional Lighting Rig for Under $120!

How? By Using Chauvet’s DMX-AN+ChamSys free MagicQ Software

Go from your laptop running MagicQ to the DMX-AN via an ethernet cable, and out of the DMX-AN to your lights via a 3-pin DMX cable.



MAP: $119.99

ChamSys Magic Q



ChamSys MagicQ is a professional lighting control software that will one day be the industry standard. Its features are intuitive allowing for fast learning. It is flexible enough to control a small school production or a huge intricate Broadway musical and there are extensive learning resources available.

Perfect for Churches

It comes with a visualizer that can easily be set to match the lighting installation allowing it to be a great tool to train volunteers. You can learn the system with the free software and then update to a Wing and Console for larger churches once you are familiar and if you like the workflow.



ArtNet lets you send enormous amounts of DMX512 data over ethernet cable

Pros of ArtNet

  1. Ethernet (10BaseT/100BaseT) can carry up to 40/400 times as much data as a DMX512 cable. 256 universes
  2. The computer industry is huge! Using ethernet for lighting control provides access to a wide range of low cost products such as switches and radio links.
  3. Ethernet uses low cost cable that is readily understood by building contractors. This allows all of the lighting cable to be installed and certified before the lighting contractors start their installation.
  4. Many existing buildings are already wired for ethernet. This allows existing building cable to be used for retrofit or temporary lighting projects.
  5. Products for moving data around physical barriers, such as cityscape projects or crossing rivers, are readily available. These include a range of technologies such as wifi radio links, laser links and telephony systems such as leased line, ADSL, ISDN, VPN and so forth.
  6. All ethernet wiring is ‘star’ format. This increases system reliability compared to the ‘ring’ or ‘loop-through’ wiring used with DMX512.


  1. The maximum cable distance is approximately 100m compared to 300m for DMX512. However the lower cost of ethernet switches compared to DMX512 splitters makes this a minor problem.
  2. All ethernet wiring is ‘star’ format. Generally this requires more cable. However, as ethernet can carry much more data that DMX512, there is still a net saving.

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*pros and cons provided by Artistic License : Why ArtNET

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