Professional Church Sound System

Achieving Concert Quality

Calvary Temple International is a church in Wayne New Jersey that often hosts major Christian concerts. This required them to rent out a professional system every time a major act would come. So this past July they decided to make the investment into upgrading their sound system. This freed them from the hassle of having to constantly rent a rig, and the added benefit of adding superior sound to their weekly service for their members.

QSC PLD4.5 Power Amplifiers

The large sanctuary posed some unique challenges because of the width of the room and the location of existing projection. The room is over 180° wide with seats to the side of the stage. To achieve the quality and the fill desired, we went with 18 QSC wideline 2102s and 4 QSC GP218s Subs. These speakers offer a coverage of 140°, but are engineered so amazingly that we were able to completely cover every seat in the house with a left/right array design that overlapped a little  in the middle, without the need of an additional center or side fill. The system is powered with QSC PLD4.5 amps. They feature inbuilt digital signal processing that allows us tremendous control tailoring the system to the room. 6 JBL ac15s powered by 3 crown xti1002s were used as under mezzanine fill to complete the system.


QSC WL2002w Line ArraysWL2102w Features

  • Patented multiple aperture diffraction slot waveguide provides exceptionally wide horizontal coverage (140°) and a near ideal vertical line source
  • Exceptionally high output capability in a very compact form factor
  • May be operated as a bi-amplified or tri-amplified system. DSP settings are available on Q-SYS, SC-28, PLD amplifiers and CXD amplifiers.
  • Dual 10″ long-excursion, high-power, low-frequency transducers
  • Single 3″ diaphragm neodymium compression driver


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