How To Save and Recall Show Settings On The Soundcraft UI24r

Show Settings for Soundcraft UI24r

You just finished soundcheck and are about to take a short break before the show starts and wonder, “how do I save all my work!?” Well, this is how!

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Step by Step Walkthrough for Soundcraft UI24r

  1. Start by clicking the settings button on the top gray bar of the mixer. It looks like a little gear wheel. Click this icon, and you will be brought to a screen with six tabs. 
  2. Click the shows tab. You will now see three boxes. ShowsSnapshots, and Cues
soundcraft shows tab

Shows are a collection of snapshots and cues. They are like the folder you save your snapshots and cues in.

Snapshots are a record of every setting on the console. 

Cues are the most basic, only saving fader position and patching.

Let’s take a deeper look.


soundcraft screenshot image

Shows are where you save your Snapshots and Cues. Think of this as the place for saving the whole show. To save, click new. A box will pop up asking for a name. Name the show and then click OK. Your show’s name will now appear in the list in red font. The red font signifies what show is active.


soundcraft snapshot use

This will save a snapshot of your console within the show file. All routing, all channel strip attributes (eq, compression, e.t.c.), and all mix sends will be saved. This is great if you need to save the mix for a specific song or maybe a special guest to recall fast. Click save to save. A box will pop up asking for a name. Name your snapshot and click OK. Your snapshot will now be in the list and selected. Red font means that this snapshot is active.


soundcraft cue

Cues save only fader position and routing. This is useful for recalling scene changes in a musical or play. You can go through the musical, save each scene as a cue, and then use the CUES tab to jump through each scene change, only affecting the fader position and mutes. Using cues helps prevent forgetting to mute someone offstage. Cues are saved within the show file. To save, click save. A box will pop up asking for a name. Name your cue and click OK. Your cue will be added to the list in red font. Red font means that this cue is active.

Recalling Your Saved Snapshots and Cues

recalling snapshots and cues

You have two options to select your saved work. The first is from the settings tab you are already on. You can now click the show, snapshot, or cue you want to load and then click load. Done! The second is a little easier if you are already on the mix screen and would like to load a show, snapshot, or cue. In the top right corner, you will see a blue box. It looks like a small LED display. Click this box. A window will pop up below the box and show your shows, snapshots, and cues, and you double-click on the snapshot you want. Your selection will load instantly. 

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